How to Write a PhD Thesis in One Month

PhD Thesis
Many students ask about how to finish a thesis in just one month. But before describing the one-month plan, let’s first answer the most commonly asked question: Is it possible to finish a thesis in one month? For your mental satisfaction, yes, it is absolutely possible. You can write a PhD thesis exactly in the time frame of one month. But how to do that is the main question that today’s article will answer. In this article, you will see a complete one-month plan to write a PhD thesis.

One-month plan for writing a PhD thesis

A PhD thesis is a challenging task to work on. Students need some sincere guidelines and a plan to work effectively. Hence, a one-month plan that can help you finish your thesis in one month is as follows:

Week 1 – Start with an introduction and methodology

These two chapters are the easiest to write. In week 1 of the entire month, spend only 3 days on the introduction chapter of the thesis. Explain the important concepts and general definitions, and give some background information to create awareness of your thesis topic. Give your remaining days to the methodology chapter. I know it is the third chapter but do it early. It is because you already know what research methods you have used in your study. So, it is possible to finish this chapter in the remaining 4 days. In case of any issues, you may hire best thesis writing services.

Week 2 – Work on literature review

A literature review is the most challenging chapter of your PhD thesis. Due to the nature of writing, it requires you to spend some extra time on it. It is why I have allocated one entire week to this chapter. You need to collect the sources, evaluate them, and then write the review. So, it takes time to complete this chapter. Hence, you must spend the whole of week 2 writing the literature review.

Week 3 – Craft the Results and Discussion Chapters

You are now in the 3rd week to write a PhD thesis. This week, make sure to write the two chapters, i.e., results and discussion. These two chapters are easy to write, and you can easily craft them in the upcoming seven days. In the results chapter, you only need to present the results in the form of graphs, charts, and lines. The discussion chapter requires you to discuss your results concerning the research questions. This can be done easily in one week.

Week 4 – Conclude and Edit the thesis

In the 4th week, you need to work on the conclusion part of your thesis and give the final touches. Know that editing is as important as writing a thesis. Therefore, leave 2 to 3 days to edit as the first writing is not the final writing.


Completing a PhD thesis in just one month is a hectic job. But by following the plan mentioned above, you can surely achieve this in one month. Therefore, you must ensure that you stick to the plan with complete focus and dedication.
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