Five Things That You Should Know about EdTech in Education

The use of physical hardware, software and educational theory for improving performance and learning experience of students is known as education technology. Educational technology is growing at a faster rate and we are so excited to see its growth. For effective use of educational technology, teachers should have enough idea about effective uses of its programs. If teachers don’t have enough knowledge about the use of educational technology, this technology is useless. That’s why it is necessary for us to support and encourage teachers about the effective use of this technology. Some essential things that teachers should know about educational technology are given below by an experienced writer affiliated with a renowned assignment writing service

1) Keep it simple

The main aim of education technology is to make life easier in the school system. These education technologies should be such that it should bring some advancement in the teaching-learning process. While implementing education technology in schools, teachers should focus on compensation of time. It is possible only if you are keeping these technologies simple. It will also be easy for teachers to explain these technologies in two or three sentences. For example, if a teacher is using Google Apps for Education, he can easily tell to their students that they can use it for submitting their educational assignments. 

2) Have a few tools in your basket

From Edmodo to Google Drive, there are thousands of education technologies are available for the assistance of students. It is a fact that teachers can’t become expert all of these educational technologies. Therefore, teachers should try to find a couple of educational technologies that are enjoyable for them and that are easy to use for them. While choosing a couple of educational technologies, teachers should also keep in mind that they should select such technologies that are ‘One size fits all’. Its means that they should not select such technologies that are useful in one class but fails in another class. 

3) Engage vs entertain

Most of the teachers think that it is helpful for them to teach their students by entertaining them. It is totally a wrong belief because most of the researches show that it is better for us to entertain students by engaging them rather than entertaining them. For example, if you watch a video to your students, it means that you are entertaining them and after watching this video, they will be able to provide answers to some specific questions. On the other hand, if you are using a whiteboard in the classroom, it means that you are allowing students to take an active part in classroom discussions and to clear their concepts. 

4) Plan for worst

As we know that most of the technologies require an internet connection or electric supply. If the internet connection is down or the electricity supply is off, these technologies will not work. Under such situation, teachers should have a plan ‘B’. With the help of this plan ‘B’, they can make some amendments in their lesson and they can explain these lessons later when internet connection or electricity supply is available. 

5) Have fun

Another important use of these education technologies is that these technologies relieve stress on the minds of students. As a teacher, if you fail to relieve stress on the minds of students while using these education technologies, it means that you are misusing these education technologies.

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