Using Flashcards to Make Learning Interesting

Flashcards are a simple and unique way of learning. I would like to offer some reasons for using flash cards and a selection of activities in the classroom. Flashcards are a great source to learn new words. Lardner’s research explains that “Teachers should aim to demand to visual learns, as the sky-scraping propitiation of learns”. Flashcards may be bright and colourful. You can enjoy learning with flashcards. Flash cards are the most interesting method of learning new things.
Flashcards’ good impacts
Flashcards can make a real impact on the visual learners. For children at reading age, flash cards can be used in conjunction with words cards. These are simply cards that present the written words. Words cards should be introduced well after the pictorial cards. Therefore, the child can speak correct pronunciation. Most children enjoy learning with flashcards. Flash cards are an interesting way to learning new words.
Flashcards are best for children
Flash cards are a really good learner resource for the children. Flashcards can be useful at every point of the class. The children enjoy the way of learning. Flashcards are a great way to present, perform and recover vocabulary. Students should make their own flashcards. Teachers should introduce flashcards in the class. It is an interesting way of learning for the children.
Activities for using flashcards
I have divided the actions into the following categories: recollection, drilling, recognition and TPR activities.
There are some memory activities
·         Memory tester
·         Leave a collection of flashcards on the floor in a circle.
·         Children have one minute to memorise the cards.
·         In-group, they have two minutes to write as many of the names as they can remember.
Drilling activities of the using flashcards
·         Invisible Flashcards
·         Stuck nine flashcards on the boards and draw a grid around them.
·         Apply a pen or a pointer to bradawl the nine words. Always point to the flash cards you are drilling.
·         Gradually remove the flash cards but continue to drill the point to the grid where the flash card was.
·         When the first card is removed and you point the blank space, head to encourage children to say the word of the removed flash cards.
·         The student should remember and continue as if the flash cards were still there. They can remember the picture on the flashcards.
Identification activities with flashcards
This activity highlights the impact of visual aids. It really proves that the images ‘stuck’ in students mind. The students can remember words. There are identification activities by using flashcards.
·         Reveal the word
·         Cover the flash cards or word card with a piece of card and slowly reveal it.
·         Students guess which one it is
·         Once the card is shown, drill the word with the group using different intonation and silly voices to keep it fun. Vary the volume too, whisper, and shout words. Children will automatically copy your voice.
·         Repeat until they have guessed the word.
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