10 Common Problems that all Non-Native Student Face During Their Study Period in UK

There are various challenges that are faced by the international students studying in the UK. Here is a list of ten main problems that are faced by the nonnative students as they study in the UK

1. One of the main challenges is that the students can feel homesick. It has been seen that studying abroad is one of the main risks that is taken by the students. They are usually the stars of the generations. There are new people that are met in the new country. New people are new source of being social.

2. When the students go abroad, they feel alone, as they are very new in the separate culture. The behavior of the people is different, thy have different attitudes and they have different beliefs. This also makes the students feel alone.

3. One of the main challenges in most of the cases as faced by the nonnatives is that of the language. With the language barrier, the students feel ashamed and shy to express what they have in mind. This also puts extra pressure on the students. In order to gain more confidence, the students have to give more time to learning the language of the country. This adds into the responsibilities and the tasks that are to be completed by the students.

4. The styles of writing differ with the countries. The style of academic writing that is followed in India is differentfrom what is followed in the UK. Thereby the nonnativestudents are the ones that face additional issues when they move to other countries. In these cases, it has been seen that one of the main solution is to make sure that the students talk to their peers and the senior students about the main academic writing styles.

5. When living in another country, the students need to live in the hostels with the roommates. There is a need that the adjustments are done with the roommates. They should be given their personal spaces. There is no doubt about the fact that the lifestyles they have may collide and interfere with yourhabits. However, there is always a room for adjustment.

6. Finances also create a challenge for the students. Students need to save on the money and be more careful.

7. In the new country, the nonnatives can also be found procrastinating. It is important that other than touring around, the students should prioritize studying.

8. The family problems should be limited and kept at bay when studying.

9. Maintaining the new relationships with the new friends can be time taking. Students need to balance social lives and relationships.

10. The non native students need to give more attention to the lectures from the professors. In these cases, the additional help from the peers and the professors can be approached.
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