How to Write a Dissertation - Things to Consider

How to Write a Dissertation
Writing your dissertation is really not easy and we all agree that really it’s not. Simply it is difficult for you to write this important document of your academic career, where you have to do a lot of research, to learn technical skills to accomplish the task to write hundreds of pages to make it a professional dissertation to get your final degree. Most of the time, it becomes anxiety to let down your own skills without considering or forgetting that you are more skilled than required. You can do it with the knowledge of professional dissertation writing service. In addition, here we will help you to provide a brief set of required things in a dissertation to write or consider writing. We will go through a process and steps of dissertation and the following are steps with elaboration of a right track to achieve your goal to write your dissertation original, presentable and to be published.
  1. First thing is to consider the purpose and significance of the study, where you have to clearly state the purpose of selecting this area of study how is it significant. Here you must know that what significance (means how this research will be important in knowledge building and practical implications of result of your study) is so you would be able to interpret exactly as that is required for your dissertation. So if you are a Ph.D. student then you also have to elaborate that how exactly it will be body knowledge in your discipline.
  2. Theoretical frame development is second chapter of any dissertation where you have to develop a theoretical background (review of past studies) of your area of study that will supports and provides some clue to develop hypothesis to fined accurate results.
  3. Then you will move towards methodology that you have adopted to conduct your study to make an original piece of research. Where you will describe that how you have gathered your data and basis for population and sample selection. And most importantly why did you choose this particular analysis method? Is that appropriate for this kind of study? Has it ever been used before for same research study?
  4. And description of instrument development like Question guide, categories for content analysis. Reliability and validity instruments or methods adopted for observations. But this all depends on your study type either it’s qualitative or quantitative.
  5. When you are clear with your methodology then you have to describe findings of your study. Mostly it’s being outlined by a descriptive/exploratory or other analysis that you conducted to get these findings those report the test of hypotheses of your study. And all statistical and analytical data will be described in this chapter.
  6. Finally you will be discussing the results of your study with previous studies and theories. But most of the time students fail to describe the difference or unable to discuss without considering that this important chapter who will answer what is the difference? Sometime you may have to introduce some new theories that you couldn’t add in past literature review chapter to support your results in light of other researchers work. Here you must discus implication of your results in real life.
  7. At last you have to admit the limitation of your study because that is not possible for a research or researchers to find a result of an area of study by conducting a single study. And there can be other limitations as well like sample limitation. These are some key points to consider making your dissertation significant and important in your academic career.
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